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About Us


LINGJACK Engineering Works Pte Ltd first commenced its humble establishment in 1971; it has since evolved from a conventional engineering firm into a specialized manufacturer of firefighting equipment. With over 4 decades of experience in the field of fire and safety industry, LINGJACK has always strived to provide the first class products and services to the customer.
In LINGJACK, we live by the spirit of delivering values to customer through distinctive customer service and zero defects products. Adapting international standard on stringent control of work and System, certified by LPCB(UK). Furthermore our entire range of products are certified by Setsco, PSB, UL, DNV, ABS, MED, PED and LPCB.

Our Vision


To be First Class manufacturer of Quality, Reliable and Innovative Fire Safety related products in the World.

Our Values


We value our Sincerity, Integrity and Commitments into Delivering Certified, High Quality, Cost Effective Fire Fighting Solutions and Services to Safeguard your Home and Business.



Our fire fighting products are certified by LPCB to their relevant International Standards like BS EN 3, BS EN1866, BS EN 671, BS EN 6391, BS EN 5041-1 and BS EN 5041-3

lpcb certs

Our fire fighting products are certified by LPCB to be compliance to EU Directive therefore certified CE and MED. This allows our products to be able to serve the export and marine market

med certs

Our fire fighting products are certified by LPCB to be compliance to EU Directive therefore certified CE and MED. This allows our products to be able to serve the export and marine market

ped-ce certs

Our firefighting products are further certified by SETSCO to our local standard in order to better serve the local market requirement

Setsco Certs

As we expand our business beyond Singapore, we have identified the need to provide a wider range of certified extinguishers. Our latest range of UL listed extinguishers has helped us gain and maintain our competitive edge in the industry.

ul certs




Lingjack Engineering Works Pte Ltd

LINGJACK is incorporated in 1971 as a general engineering firm, have since grown into a specialized group servicing the fire and safety industries. LINGJACK is recognized under the certificate ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System with the full range of products certified by Setsco, PSB, UL, DNV, ABS, PED and LPCB.


Lingjack Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd

LINGJACK Engineering Malaysia specializes in metal work manufacturing including non-ferrous casting & machining. We are able to perform casting on materials like Gunmetal, Nickel Aluminium Bronze and Titanium.


Lingjack Offshore & Marine Pte Ltd

LINGJACK Offshore & Marine specializing in Onshore & Offshore fire protection system offers a good mix of firefighting systems and customization services to Offshore and Marine Industries. Our veteran team of engineers will work with your requirements from concept to design; fabrication, assembly, testing and commissioning of the systems.


Lingjack Fire Pte Ltd

LINGJACK Fire plays a major role in distributing internationally established brands like Elkhart-Brass, Fire Lion, National Foam and Buckeye. These brands are well-recognized brand globally. Their products are certified by UL, FM and accordance to NFPA Standards.


Lingjack Technology Development Pte Ltd

LINGJACK Technology Development Pte Ltd specializes in fire safety equipment design, research & development and manufacturing. Our company is a joint venture of Singapore Lingjack Group and Shanghai Thinkyee Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. We are devoted to provide first-class firefighting products and services to marine and offshore region.



Lingjack Jaya Abadi is established on 8th March 2018; located at Komplek Ruko Cempaka Mas Block A-16, Jl LetJend Suprapto, Jakarta 10640, Indonesia.

Our Goal is to provide good quality products and the best solution to meet our customer’s needs in Fire Protection Equipment and Systems in Indonesia.

As part of Lingjack Fire Group, we supply the well-established Combat¬© brand of fire fighting equipment. We also distribute and trade Partner’s Fire Fighting Equipment to complement our solution to our customers.

PT Lingjack Jaya Abadi cares for the fire safety for both home and industrial consumers. We want to provide a peace of mind to our clients; providing quality solutions and increasing public awareness about the dangers of fire.