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Delivering Innovation and Value through Technology


Lingjack DiGiTaL is formed as part of the Digital and Technology arm of Lingjack Holdings, whose core business spans across Life Saving, Environmental Solutions, Digital Technology, Consultancy/Property and Deck Machinery.

We formed our R&D Team in 2017,to develop IOT products to improve the serviceability and maintainability of building fire equipment. In 2019, we launched the first SMART Monitoring and Control System to address maintenance difficulties (cost, manpower shortage etc) and enhance compliance to Fire regulations.

(1) Use-Case Conceptualization: Understand Operational Needs and Customer’s Pains.
(2) Applied Technology Research : What Technology has to offer
(3) Solution Development : Deliver Practical and Cost-Effective DIGITAL SOLUTION

We believe in delivering Innovation and Value Through Technology to our Customers.

Our 3- step philosophy.

Our Products