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Our Service Commitments


In LINGJACK, we strives to provide first class products and services to you.
Our professional and passionate Team of sales, services and support personnel are ever-ready to serve you on any enquiries and requests.
Please feel free to drop us a call or email.

Services and Support


IOT, Cloud-based Maintenance Services


We provide Comprehensive Maintenance Services to ensure Full Compilance to Fire Safety Regulations using the state-of-art IoT (Internet of Things) technology,
The Smart Wireless Control and Monitor Systems is a world’s first to use IoT, cloud-based technologies for Predictive Maintenance; to monitor and “inspect“ your fire protection equipment and system from anywhere in the world.
No more routine, tedious and manual inspections and testing works.
Increase productivity and efficiency leading to cost savings and improved fire safety.


Fire Extinguisher, Pillar Hydrant and Wet raiser Testings

Our experienced service team will take care of all your fire maintenance testing needs.
Specialized testings on Water Flow and Pressure using our calibrated and certified DIGITAL flow meter and pressure gauge testing to meet SS575 standard. Accurate and precise test reports are available upon requests
Call us for your testing needs.


Disposal of Old Fire Extinguisher

Most fire extinguishers contain pressurized chemicals that can’t simply be thrown in the trash.
Contact us for guidance on how to transport and dispose of old fire extinguishers safely.


Water Mist Fire Extinguisher : Free Training Session for the Family

Learn about fire fighting and safety basics through a fun, hands-on session using the Water Mist Fire Extinguisher. Free with every purchase of a MightyMist!