Industrial Automation Enhancement in Production

May 31st, 2018 | News

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Extinguishing with Industrial Automation

Due to high demand on productivity and difficulties of recruiting skilled manpower, our Managing Director, Mr Kenneth Lim have been looking into automation productivity and digitalisation. With his bold insight, persistence and perseverance, he had invested with the help of a grant from Spring Singapore to convert manual laboring of cutting, bending, stamping, welding and powder coating into an automated process.

With these transformation, we had manage to increase productivity by 40%. With these, we have manage to reduce the numbers of workers required per station and hence allow our workers to be able to spend time to better control and supervise the qualities of our products.

Furthermore with the assistance of robotic arms, a lot of heavy lifting and high risk task had been eliminated or substituted. These implementation will ensure the safety and wellness of our workers.

With these new break-thru and innovative, it had also spurs our group of staffs and workers to be creative and further enhance or improve on our products design and fabrication process.

In our coming of years, we will continue to improve on our service and quality of our products to all our dear customers.