Safe Management Measures

November 1st, 2021 | News

Wef 17 Oct our Company has distributed ART test kit to Office staff.  Staff needs to conduct ART self- test on every Sunday and report their result to HR for appropriate action to be taken.

We also strictly comply with the following measurement to ensure our staff and work place is SAFE.

  1. 1. All staff are fully vaccinated
  2. 2. Stagger working and break hours
  3. 3. 1 meter safe distancing at workplace/common areas
  4. 4. Staff have meal at individually tables
  5. 5. Wear masks at all time
  6. 6. Safe Entry entering the workplace
  7. 7. Disinfecting work place/office every morning
  8. 8. Disinfecting agents at meeting rooms and common spaces eg. Pantry / meeting room/ reception counter/staircase areas before entre to office.
  9. 9. Email, briefing communicates to staff on Safe Management measurement, Health Protocols 1,2,3.
  10. 10. Safe Management Officer was assigned to conduct inspections and checks for non-compliance.