Accomodation Sprinkler System

brand: COMBAT

Features &

The sprinkler system should be capable of immediate operation at all times. No action by the crew shall be necessary to activate the sprinkler system. The sprinkler system normally will be a wet system, however small exposed section may be dry where necessary precaution is required. The sprinkler system should be always pressurized at the design pressure. It is recommended that the sprinkler system to remain operation during laid up or under repair. When maintenance was being conducted for certain area, the rest of the system shall remain operational by connecting to an adequate shore water supply.


Each area of protection by the sprinkler system should include a sounder and beacon that automatically activated when the sprinkler was activated. The sounder and beacon would give indication on the location that was on fire. Upon activation of sprinkler, signal shall be send to the navigating bridge or main fire control station, where it will be manned by a responsible crew member. During activation of sprinkler, other important area sounder and beacon could be activate to inform the crew to evacuate. The sounder should be clearly distinguish from any signal given by other operation or other alarm that does not indicate fire. An alarm system should be installed as to monitor any fault occurs in the system too.
One year warranty