DIFFS (Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System)

brand: COMBAT

DIFFS is used for helidecks and has been recommended for use by CAP 437 as an alternative to fixed monitor system.

Based on the system configuration, DiFFS can be set to operate automatically or manually.  On system activation; a valve operates – allowing water to flow through a water turbine foam pump or inline inductor thereby discharging a correct admixture of foam/water solution (i.e. 1% or 3%) through an array of nozzles installed on the helipad / helideck, thus providing an effective spray distribution covering the entire deck surface.

Features &

Can be automatically activated

Unaffected by wind conditions

Nozzles installed are flushed to helideck surface

Least affected by damage or debris from crash compared to fixed monitor system

DIFFS nozzles material : SS316

Approval : UL list, ABS, DNV GL etc.

One year warranty