Dry Chemical Powder System

brand: COMBAT

Features &

The powder extinguishing systems are meant for room and equipment protection. The extinguishing powders used in the system are highly efficient, quick-acting extinguishants. The sudden extinguishing effect of the powder cloud is caused by the suffocation effect and anticatalytic effect, a chemical intervention into the combustion process. Extinguishing powders mainly consist of non-poisonous inorganic salts mixed with waterproofing and pouring agents. They are used for fires with solid, liquid, gaseous substances and metal fires.


Range of application : Chemical works, petrol dumps, compressor and pump stations, utilities substation for oil and gas, gas burner stations at boiler plants, oil cellars, rolling mills, test stands, hydraulic systems, aircraft hangars, LNG, LPG, chemical tankers, laboratory rooms and equipment, hazardous waste systems.
One year warranty