Dual Agent Hose Reel Station

brand: COMBAT

Features &

Extremely efficient units for protection of areas containing hydrocarbons or alcohols, such as helidecks and process areas.


Dual agent units are manual operated hose reel stations that can discharge dry chemical powder and water/foam. It was to be used by trained firefighting personnel. The dual agent hose reel is supplied with two individual hoses, where one hose is intended for dry chemical and the other for foam/water. The hose reel is equipped with a dual agent nozzle that has individual open/shut valves and a twist-action selection of jet or fog for water/foam. This would give a full control of the two agents.


Dual agent units can be activated almost instantly and is simple to use. The dry chemical powder gives a rapid knockdown of large scales fires, while water/foam cool of the hot surfaces and sealing of liquid pool fires. The dual agents units must be installed in the vicinity of the protected area.
One year warranty