External Fire Fighting System

brand: COMBAT

LINGJACK can deliver skid-mounted fire fighting pumps driven by either electrical motor, diesel engine or hydraulic motor. These pumps can be configured to achieve a FiFi I, FiFi II or FiFi III rating and can be classed per ABS, Lloyds or DNV. LINGJACK offers a wide range of water and foam monitors covering flows from 60m3/hr up to 3600m3/hr.

Features &

The range features :

Hand lever / Simple manual operation for smaller flow rates

Hand wheel / Manual gear operated for medium to large flow rates

Electric or hydraulic operated for large flow rates

Mast mounted monitors for refinery; quayside and harbour fire protection

Various types of control system; matched to the installation requirements


Applications :

FiFi 1, 2 and 3 systems for fire tugs and offshore support vessels

Oil rig protection

Water canon defense and security accordance to NFPA 20, UL/FM

ATEX & hazardous area applications

One year warranty