Fixed Water Based Local Application System

brand: COMBAT

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Machinery spaces onboard vessels are particularly high risk areas for fires. Locations such as main and auxiliary engine tops, fuel oil purifiers, burners and incinerator burners are major areas of concern. Fires in these areas can spread very quickly, causing serious damage to the vessels, crews and the ports they visit. To protect against this fire risk, Category A machinery spaces containing oil fired boilers or oil fuel units must be fitted with a fixed fire-extinguishing system (SOLAS II-2/ In addition, Category A machinery spaces above 500m3 in volume must have an approved type of fixed water-based or equivalent local application fire-extinguishing system (SOLAS II-2/ This fixed water-based local application fire-fighting system is intended to protect the crew and affected machinery quickly without the necessity of engine shutdown, personnel evacuation or sealing of the space.


When the Category A machinery space protected by the local application fire-extinguishing system is periodically unattended, the system must be provided with automatic and manual release capability.
One year warranty