MightyMist Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

brand: COMBAT

MightyMist technology work on the mechanism to displace oxygen and heat with micro droplets of water that scatters around the fire.

When the water were discharge from the nozzle, they are converted into micro droplets that create the water mist as they approach the fire. Due to the micro droplets size of water that disperse out from the nozzle, it cover a huge volume of area which push oxygen away from the fire.?

Furthermore as the water mist came into the heat range cause by the fire, water mist will turn into steam and hence remove the heat from the fire. The fire will be cool rapidly in this process.?

Without the heat and oxygen, fire will not be able to sustain.

Features &

Capacity : 2 ltr
Extinguishing Medium : Water
Propellant Type : Nitrogen
Fire Rating : 5A,21B,25F
Class of Fire : A,B,F
Working Pressure : 15 bar
Working Temperature : 5 Deg C to 60 Deg C
Finishing : RAL 3000
Hose Length : 540 mm
Size : Dia. 130 x 400(H) mm

Demo Video