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FoamMist Fire Extinguisher

brand: COMBAT

FoamMist fire extinguisher is a newly launch fire extinguisher which enable car owners to fight fire underneath the bonnet, with its extend applicator without lifting the car bonnet.

It can effectively fight fire at origin and car owners need not lift up the bonnet. By lifting up the bonnet, car owners might be burn due to high temperature. Furthermore when the bonnet was lifted, it allow more oxygen to flow towards the fire and hence create a bigger fire instead.

Features &

Capacity : 1.8 ltr & 3 ltr
Extinguishing Medium : Foam
Propellant Type : Nitrogen
Class of Fire : A,B
Working Pressure : 15 bar
Working Temperature : 5 Deg C to 60 Deg C
Finishing : RAL 3000
Applicator Length : 1200 mm